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Governors Interstate Indian Council

The GIIC is made up of state Indian Affairs Offices and Commissions from across the country and has been in existence since 1949.  The mission of GIIC is to promote and enhance government to government relations between the tribes and states; respect and recognize the individual sovereignty of the tribes and the states; support the preservation of traditional Indian culture, language and values; and encourage socioeconomic development aimed at tribal self-sufficiency.

Alabama Indian Affairs Commission
Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs
California Native American Heritage Commission
Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs
Florida Governor's Council on Indian Affairs, Inc.
Georgia's Council on American Indian Concerns
Office of Hawaiian Affairs
The American Indian Center of Chicago
Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission
Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission
Louisiana Governor's Office of Indian Affairs
Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission
Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs
Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs
Michigan Department of Human Affairs
Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
Montana Office of Indian Affairs
Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs
Nevada Indian Commission
New Jersey Commission on American Indian Affairs
New Mexico Indian Affairs Department
New York State Office of Children & Family Services - Native American Services
North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs
North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission
Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission
Oregon Legislative Commission for Indian Affairs
South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs
Utah Division of Indian Affairs
Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs
Virginia Council on Indians
Washington Governor's Office of Indian Affairs
Wisconsin State Tribal Relations Initiative
Wyoming Select Committee on Tribal Relations