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Economic Development

Through discussions and partnerships, the State of South Dakota is an active participant in economic development throughout South Dakota, including Indian Country. The Department of Tribal Relations has worked with tribes and economic developers in Indian Country to engage state economic development resources and programs available through several state and federal agencies. The Department of Tribal Relations meets monthly with the Governor's Office of Economic Development to discuss various economic development projects and proposals emerging from reservation areas within South Dakota and to advocate new ways for the state to support tribal economic development efforts. The Governor's Office of Economic Development, with assistance from the Department of Tribal Relations, has been actively supporting tribal economic development through various programs such as the Community Infrastructure Improvement grant, loan fund replenishment grants for Native American Community Development Financial Institutions through the Economic Development Partnership Program, and tribal UCC development. Through advocacy with state partner agencies and active tribal outreach, the Department of Tribal Relations actively pursues opportunities to partner with tribes and tribal economic development agencies to bolster economic development opportunities throughout Indian Country communities in South Dakota.