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Voting Rights

The South Dakota Secretary of State's Office is charged with the duty to ensure that access and ability to participate in federal elections is available to all voting age and eligible South Dakotans, regardless of their domicile location. The Help American Vote Act of 2002 provides the State of South Dakota financial resources and guidance to improve the accuracy and fairness of voting throughout the state and those funds and rules are overseen by the Secretary of State. The Department of Tribal Relations has worked with the Secretary of State’s Office to engage voting rights advocates and develop plans to ensure equal voting access for extremely rural areas of South Dakota within tribal reservations. Additionally, a Department of Tribal Relations staff member has served as a member of the state’s Help America Vote Act Grant Board since 2015 and advocates for equal voting access in Indian Country across South Dakota. With support from the Department of Tribal Relations, the Secretary of State's Office has actively pursued avenues to ensure equal voting access across all of South Dakota.