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Wookiye Project

What is the Wookiye Project?
Wookiye means help, aid, and assist. The Wookiye Project includes five pilot schools and 28 Wookiye Teachers. These teachers will receive training and will be participants in required monthly virtual meetings and professional development.

The project began August 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year.

The goal of the Wookiye Project is to create and implement a network of support that helps, aids, and assists teachers as they become proficient in using the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards (OSEUS), to provide additional assistance in creating resources that uphold the OSEUS, and to seek out schools and teachers that are currently implementing OSEUS.

The South Dakota Department of Education (DOE) leads and funds a state mentoring program to support first and second year teachers. The Wookiye project is collaborating with the DOE and Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) to provide training and support to Wookiye Teachers with Indigenous student populations.

Wookiye Resource Workbook


Wookiye Objectives

wookiye Pilot Schools

wookiye teachers

Brent Charger Crow Creek Tribal School
Gerald Zephier Crow Creek Tribal School
Kara Condon Crow Creek Tribal School
Marilyn Mendenhall Knollwood Heights Elementary School
Jeannine Metzger Enemy Swim Day School
Corina Repman Georgia Morse Middle School
Michael Vasilie Georgia Morse Middle School
Shannon Mack Georgia Morse Middle School
Rebeka Stowe Georgia Morse Middle School
Victoria Peterson Georgia Morse Middle School
Natasha Thiry Lyman Elementary School
Elizabeth Quinn Stanley County Schools
Cody Stotz Mobridge - Pollock School District
Brittany Knudson Mobridge - Pollock School District
Brian Brown Norris Elementary School
Jae White  Timber Lake School
Tylyn Gill Timber Lake School
Amy Sandquist Timber Lake School
Karyl Boldt Timber Lake School
Julie Marshall Timber Lake School
LeeAnn Thompson Timber Lake School
Elverda Little Dog Wakpala Public School
Tedi Claymore Wakpala Public School
Tabor White Buffalo Wakpala Public School
Steve Scares Hawk McLaughlin Public School
Bree Oatman Lower Brule Schools
Charles LaRoche Lower Brule Schools


Teacher Monthly Log Form

Additional Resources