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Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

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Reservation: Crow Creek Reservation; Buffalo, Hyde, and Hughes Counties.

Division: Dakota and Lakota

Bands: Mdewakanton (People of Spirit Lake), Ihanktonwan (People of the End).

Trust Land Base: 125,000 acres

Tribal Headquarters: Ft. Thompson, SD

Time Zone: Central

Traditional Language: Dakota

Total Population: 2,176

Estimated Tribal Enrollment: 4,600

Major Employers: Agriculture

Crow Creek Sioux Tribe 2019 Statistical Profile

Crow Creek Constitution
Current Tribal Leaders
Charter: None
Constitution and Bylaws: Yes
Date Approved: April 26, 1949
Name of Governing Body: Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Council
Number of Council members: (6) six council members
Dates of Constitutional amendments: February 25, 1963, June 23, 1980, February 4, 1986
Number of Executive Officers: (1) Chairman

The Tribal Chairman and all other positions are elected every two years and elections are not staggered.
Primaries occur in March and General Elections taking place in June.
The Tribal Council appoints the Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer from among their membership.
The chosen individual serves for two years.
The Chairman is elected at-large.
Number of Election districts or communities: 3

Regular meetings are held once a month.

Quorum number: 4 members

Oscar Howe, a Yanktonai, pioneered a new era in Indian art. Howe was born on the Crow Creek Reservation in 1915. Throughout his life, he received many honors, including the title Artist Laureate of South Dakota. When he died in 1983, Howe left behind a legacy of cultural heritage and pride. More than 20 Oscar Howe originals are on display at the Oscar Howe Art Center in Mitchell.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn taught native studies for 20 years before becoming a full-time writer. She is the author of two novels and a collections short stories. She edits the "Wicazo Sa (Red Pencil) Review," an international Native American studies journal. She's also a traditional dancer on the powwow circuit. Cook-Lynn grew up on the Crow Creek Reservation.

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Tribal Website
Chairman: Peter Lengkeek
PO Box 50
Ft. Thompson, SD 57339-0050
Phone: (605) 245-2221
Fax: (605) 245-2789