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Yankton Sioux Tribe

Tribal Map

Reservation: Yankton Reservation; part of Charles Mix County.

Division: Dakota and Nakota

Bands: Ihanktonwan

Trust Land Base: 36,741 acres

Tribal Headquarters: Wagner, SD

Time Zone: Central

Traditional Language: Dakota

Total Population: 6,824

Estimated Tribal Enrollment:11,594

Major Employers: Fort Randall Casino, Indian Health Service, tribal office, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Marty Indian School

Yankton Sioux Tribe 2019 Statistical Profile

Yankton Sioux Tribal Constitution
Current Tribal Leaders
Charter: None
Constitution and Bylaws: Yes - IRA
Date Approved: April 24, 1963
Name of Governing Body: Yankton Sioux Tribal Business and Claims Committee
Number of Council members: (5) five committee members
Dates of Constitutional amendments: March 20, 1975
Number of Executive Officers: (4) Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

The Yankton Sioux Tribe has four Executive Positions, including: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. All four positions serve 2 year terms and elections are not staggered. The Yankton Sioux Tribe does not have any districts, and Council Representatives are voted for "at-large." Council Representatives serve 2 year terms; elections are NOT staggered.

Primary elections for the Tribe occur in July of the election year, and general elections take place in early September. New officers are sworn in at the end of September.

Number of Election districts or communities: 5

Meetings held: Regular business meeting are held once a week usually on Tuesday. An annual General Council Meeting is set for the third Tuesday in August each year.

Quorum number: 5 members

Legend has it that when he was born in 1804, Struck By The Ree, a Yankton chief, was wrapped in an American flag by Meriwether Lewis. Lewis and Clark were in the area exploring Louisiana Purchase lands. As a leader, Struck By The Ree managed to befriend the whites, yet remain dedicated and loyal to his people. He died in 1888 at Greenwood

Tribal Flag

Tribal Website
Chairman: Robert Flying Hawk
PO Box 1153
Wagner, SD 57380
Phone: (605) 384-3641
Fax: (605) 384-5687